Kindergarten project

The preschool project is currently under development. In the end, 20 schools will be created in the region. There are currently ten schools, but they are not all used anymore. This is because the school needs to be refurbished or because there is no teacher.

Many preschools are located in a rondavel. Last year a rondavel was refurbished and arranged as a preschool. The floor is tiled. The walls are painted both outside and inside. This creates a beautiful space that is easy to keep clean.
A rack has been placed with plastic storage boxes for the children. On the wall are posters of the alphabet hanged. There are also tables and chairs and some other school material.

The children learn songs, language and math. Do games and learn how to take care of their hygiene, by brushing their teeth every day. The pupil's box contains their own toothbrush.
Furthermore, the children receive a healthy meal every day at school. As a result, we hope that the health of the children will progress.
The first of ten preschools have been refurbished. In the future, two more will follow. In addition, it is important that educators are paid and educators are trained.
More photos about this project can be found in the photo album.