Zithulele is a black community, located in the former Transkei in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Here are the Xhosa`s. The residents of Zithulele are very poor and good food is a big problem. Yet there is a great potential in the country and when the residents of Zithulele learn to make their own gardens well, they would be able to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

At present there is no water supply in Zithulele. Water is taken by the women with buckets from the river and brought to their homes. Sanitary facilities are seeing you more and more at the homes.

Usually this home in which they live is a rondavel. This is a round house consisting of a room. Here people usually sleep on the ground. The house is made of clay and manure and the roof is covered with reeds. Often you also see that they have replaced the reed by metal corrugated boards. The outside is usually white, but today you can see other colors. The floor is also leveled with manure. In addition to the rondavel you will see more and more modern homes.